REDI Summit Edition 1, 15-17 December 2020

The Roma Entrepreneurship Development Initiative1

is proud to announce the REDI Summit 2020!
REDI Summit is a high-level event, bringing together government officials, representatives of European
institutions, international organizations, Roma entrepreneurs, the REDI business club and Roma civil
The event will take place between 15th and 17th of December 2020, with panel discussions from 10:00
– 12:00 and 13:00 – 15:00 CET. The speakers and the participants will have the opportunity to engage in
a series of debates, presentations and discussions that aim to shed light on the economic situation of
Roma communities in Romania, Serbia, North Macedonia and Bulgaria and establish grounds for future
cooperation among REDI and stakeholders.

The event will be hosted online and can be viewed live on REDI’s Facebook page, between 15-17 of
December. Make sure you follow our page,, and you will get notified when we
go live.

REDI Summit will address key topics such as:

1. Challenges and perspectives on economic inclusion of Roma, with a focus on informal economy:
National events in Romania, North Macedonia, Serbia and Bulgaria.
2. Microfinance as a financial inclusion tool for Roma communities.
3. Roma in Green Economy.
4. The role of digital tools for business in the post COVID-19 age.
5. Recovery and resilience plan for Europe – role of Roma.
6. Roma businesses in the COVID -19 pandemic crisis and Roma Business Clubs.

For further details and information, please contacts us at:

Bašo Amenge

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